Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 9


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Lesson 9: Satan’s Identity – Strategy – Battle


  • Ruler – John 12:31
  • Murderer – John 8:44
  • Liar – John 8:44
  • Accuser – Revelations 12:10
  • Deceiver – Revelations 12:10


  • Deceiver of the weak – I Peter 5:8 …seeking someone (weak) to devour. Take-away: Satan deceives by appearing to be what he is not (sheep vs. wolf) to find a weakness and take advantage of it.
  • Test (trial) vs. Temptation
  1. a) Test – James 1:2-4 Consider it pure joy when you face trials….it produces patience and patience is perfect work – completeness – Crown of Life
  2. b) Temptation – James 1:14 …when tempted – drawn away by desire and enticed. When the desire is conceived it gives birth to sin and then matures to death

Take-Away: You have a choice – patience that produces life or desire that births death

The Battle: Luke 10:1-19

Vs. 1a Lord appointed and sent

Vs.1b …where He was about to go

Vs. 2 Harvest great – workers few

Vs. 3 Go your way as lambs among wolves

Vs. 5 When you enter say, “Peace to this house” and if you receive peace – stay and heal. If not, leave – shake the dust off

Vs. 16 He who hears you, hears me….

Vs. 17 70 returned with joy “Even the demons obey”