Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 11


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Lesson 11: This We Know


  • God is sovereign
  • God’s creation was very good
  • The very good creation fell to a corrupt creation as sin entered
  • God put a plan in place to redeem the world and return it to its original “goodness”

This we know…..

  • Historical Fact: Dec. 26, 2004, over 200,000 were killed on Lord’s Day by a tsunami
  • Biblical Fact: Mark 4:41 says, “…even the wind and sea obey Him (Jesus). And Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever
  • Conclusion: Jesus could’ve stopped the natural disaster. Since Jesus always does what is wise and good and just, therefore, He had wise and good purposes in the deadly disaster.

Knowing This:  How do we understand the Covid Pandemic of 2020?

  • Romans 8:20-23 In this fallen world we will experience corruption, futility, and death
  • I Cor. 11:29-32 God’s children are disciplined. Temporary pain is used to prevent permanent pain. No pain – no gain.
  • Luke 13:1-5 God’s Thunderclap – Attention Getter

Vs. 1 Pilate slaughtered worshippers in the temple

Vs. 4 18 workers killed in a construction accident

Jesus answered, “these that died aren’t the worst….all others in Jerusalem…shifts attention to them. “Unless you repent you will perish.”
The purpose of the thunderclap is to make people repent.

Biblical Pandemic

  • Famine 1 Pandemic – 12:10 Abram took his wife to Egypt. Vs. 13 “say you are my sister”
  • Famine 2 Pandemic – Isaac dug wells of water where Abraham had dug
  • Famine 3 Pandemic – 41:54 7 years of famine. People cried for bread… vs. 55 Go to Joseph, he has bread