Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 11


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Lesson 11: This We Know


  • God is sovereign
  • God’s creation was very good
  • The very good creation fell to a corrupt creation as sin entered
  • God put a plan in place to redeem the world and return it to its original “goodness”

This we know…..

  • Historical Fact: Dec. 26, 2004, over 200,000 were killed on Lord’s Day by a tsunami
  • Biblical Fact: Mark 4:41 says, “…even the wind and sea obey Him (Jesus). And Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever
  • Conclusion: Jesus could’ve stopped the natural disaster. Since Jesus always does what is wise and good and just, therefore, He had wise and good purposes in the deadly disaster.

Knowing This:  How do we understand the Covid Pandemic of 2020?

  • Romans 8:20-23 In this fallen world we will experience corruption, futility, and death
  • I Cor. 11:29-32 God’s children are disciplined. Temporary pain is used to prevent permanent pain. No pain – no gain.
  • Luke 13:1-5 God’s Thunderclap – Attention Getter

Vs. 1 Pilate slaughtered worshippers in the temple

Vs. 4 18 workers killed in a construction accident

Jesus answered, “these that died aren’t the worst….all others in Jerusalem…shifts attention to them. “Unless you repent you will perish.”
The purpose of the thunderclap is to make people repent.

Biblical Pandemic

  • Famine 1 Pandemic – 12:10 Abram took his wife to Egypt. Vs. 13 “say you are my sister”
  • Famine 2 Pandemic – Isaac dug wells of water where Abraham had dug
  • Famine 3 Pandemic – 41:54 7 years of famine. People cried for bread… vs. 55 Go to Joseph, he has bread

Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 10


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Lesson 10: A Battle Plan – Luke 10: 1-24

Background: He called His twelve… Matt. 10:1, Mark 6:7, Luke 9:1

The Battle Plan from: Luke 10:1-24

Vs. 1a The Call – Lord appointed 70 and sent two by two

Vs.1b The Place – …where He was about to go

Vs. 2a The Condition –  harvest great – workers few

Vs. 2b The Preparation

  • Pray
  • Go your way as sheep among wolves
  • Carry little – greet no one
  • Enter in peace – abide

Vs. 9 The Purpose

  • Heal the sick
  • Inform Kingdom of God is near

Vs. 10 What if…. A bust

Vs. 16 Rejection will come – move on

Vs. 17 Celebration – Then the seventy returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.”

Vs. 20 A warning – Watch what you rejoice in

Vs. 23 Bless you – blessed are the eyes that see what you see!!!

Take-away: Even the demons are subject to us in your name

Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 9


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Lesson 9: Satan’s Identity – Strategy – Battle


  • Ruler – John 12:31
  • Murderer – John 8:44
  • Liar – John 8:44
  • Accuser – Revelations 12:10
  • Deceiver – Revelations 12:10


  • Deceiver of the weak – I Peter 5:8 …seeking someone (weak) to devour. Take-away: Satan deceives by appearing to be what he is not (sheep vs. wolf) to find a weakness and take advantage of it.
  • Test (trial) vs. Temptation
  1. a) Test – James 1:2-4 Consider it pure joy when you face trials….it produces patience and patience is perfect work – completeness – Crown of Life
  2. b) Temptation – James 1:14 …when tempted – drawn away by desire and enticed. When the desire is conceived it gives birth to sin and then matures to death

Take-Away: You have a choice – patience that produces life or desire that births death

The Battle: Luke 10:1-19

Vs. 1a Lord appointed and sent

Vs.1b …where He was about to go

Vs. 2 Harvest great – workers few

Vs. 3 Go your way as lambs among wolves

Vs. 5 When you enter say, “Peace to this house” and if you receive peace – stay and heal. If not, leave – shake the dust off

Vs. 16 He who hears you, hears me….

Vs. 17 70 returned with joy “Even the demons obey”

Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 8


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Lesson 8: The Origin of Satan


Heaven 3  – God’s abode

Heaven 2 – Earth’s Galaxy (stars)

Heaven 1 – Earth’s Atmosphere (birds, etc)


Day 6 – Man was created Gen. 1:26 and commanded Gen. 2:16 about Tree of Life

Day 6 – All was good

Heaven 3: Insurrection – I’ll do it my way

All was not good – Jude 1:6 And the angels who did not keep their proper domain but left their own abode, He has reserved in everlasting chains….

2 Peter 2:4 God did not spare angels when they sinned…

Result: Gen. 2:14-15

  1. 14 You are cursed
  2. 15a I will put enmity (open hostility) between you and the woman and offspring
  3. 15b He (her seed) shall (fatally) bruise your head, and you shall (only) bruise His heel.

Take-away: Bruised heels can still crush heads

Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 7


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Lesson 7: Numbers 14:21 …all the Earth shall be filled with the Glory of the Lord

Review: Lesson 6 …have dominion (rule) over – We partner with God to joyfully exercise skilled mastery of life among those entrusted to us to fill the earth with the Glory of God. This is our work.

Today: the Glory of the Lord

Definition: The beauty and excellence of God’s many perfections. i.e. perfect grace – truth – compassion – peace – power – tenderness – holiness…

Need 1: Anything with all those attributes needs to be revealed. That revelation is the Glory of God

Illustration: Hearing about a sunset vs. seeing a sunset

Need 2: A name…. what do you name something like that?

Example from Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8

  1. 1 I saw the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up
  2. 3 One cried to another and said, “ Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory.”
  3. 4 doorposts were shaken by the voices and the house was filled with smoke
  4. 5 “woe is me”
  5. 7 ..and he touched my mouth and said, “Behold your iniquity is taken away.”
  6. 8 who shall I (the Lord) send … Here am I…

Gen. 18:3 Abraham said, “please do not pass me by”

Take-away: God’s deep longing is for the world to see Him as He really is… see His glory

Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 6


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Lesson 6: Zechariah 9:9-10 …have dominion (rule) over Part 2

Review: Lesson 5 …have dominion (rule) over – We partner with God to joyfully exercise skilled mastery of life among those entrusted to us to fill the earth with the Glory of God. This is our work.

Looking Back: Matthew 7:24 – build your house on the rock

Pandemic – Parallel – Creation Building Blocks

Quarantine – Subdue – Dominion (rule)

Today: “How to” rule from Jesus’ example

Context – Jesus enters Jerusalem Matt. 21:1-5, John 12:12-16
SeeingJohn 12:16 His disciples did not understand at first, but when Jesus was glorified, they remembered.

Lessons in Ruling from Zechariah 9:9-10

  • Result of Good Ruling – JOY – Zech. 9:9a Rejoice greatlyshout
  • Where joyful ruling comes from – The King – Zech. 9:9b Your King comes to you
  • How to do “it” – good ruler
  1. He is just – righteous – legitimate – winner
  2. And having salvation – save unto – save from
  • His Power
  1. Humility – Luke 19:41-42 As Jesus drew near the city, He wept and said, “If you had known the things that belong to your peace.”
  2. Donkey (animal of work – peace) not stallion (warhorse)

The result – PEACE – Col. 1:20 Jesus…having made peace through the blood of His cross.

Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 5


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Lesson 5: Gen. 1:28 – …have dominion over fish, birds, every living thing on earth.

Define: Dominion Hebrew [Radah] to exercise skilled mastery (of life) among (with respect to); Hebrew word “radah” is the royal word for Kingship

Dominion in Unity: (All-Good Domain)

Application of Gen. 1:28 is Gen. 2:15 Lord God took man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend (care) & keep it (thorn – protect).

Dominion in Division: (Not-All-Good Dominion)

The Process:

We subdue (Gen. 1:2) so we can see the need to divide (Gen. 1:3) the Kingdom of Light from the Kingdom of Darkness. Then we Rule (Gen. 1:28) by caring and keeping from the throne of Jesus (Rev. 3:21; Eph. 1:22-23) until all enemies are under His feet (I Cor. 15:25) and the Earth is filled with the Glory of the Lord (Num. 14:21).

Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 4


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Lesson 4: Gen. 1:28 – …subdue it and have dominion over it

Background: Creation Process Gen. 1:26-30 – God created (in His image) – blessed and gave directives

  • Be fruitful
  • Fill the earth
  • Subdue it
  • Have dominion over it

Result: Gen. 1:31 – God saw all that He made and it was very good Why is man’s directive to subdue? 

God was planning ahead in case there comes a time when it’s not good

Events after Gen. 1:31: Pandemic #2

Source: Ezekiel 28:15 – you were blameless in all you did from the day you were created until the day evil was found in you.

Action: Isolation – Ezekiel 28:16 So I banished you in disgrace from the Mountain of God.

Lesson learned by God: Man will need to be equipped to subdue if He is going to have dominion.

Application of the subdue principle:

Principle: Calming precedes ruling – domain having

Gen. 1:2 – Pandemic #1 – The Spirit of God hovered over chaos – hover over to calm down so He could create.

Take Away: As Believers we are created in God’s image and given this directive. You are authorized (Matt. 28:18) as God’s agent of calm to enter into relation with hostile forces to breathe the Breath of God’s Life in order to have dominion.

God-directed dominion results in a peace that passeth understanding.

Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 3


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Lesson 3: Quarantined – Gen. 2:18 – not good for man to be alone

A. Problem Gen. 2:18a – … not good for man to be alone.

B. Solution Gen. 2:18b – make him a helper

C. Result – end of aloneness – Gen. 2:24 …they became one

What:  The “very good” God saw in Gen. 2 – they became one flesh…both naked and not ashamed

Digging Deeper:

  • Became one–1+1=1(3)
  • Condition Gen. 2:16 Eat of any tree but….die
  • God saw Gen. 3:7 Eyes opened – saw naked – covered

Story of Shame

  • Birth place – sin
  • Who – painful emotion caused by distrust
  • Self-cure = self cover up – fig leaves
  • The Cure – God doing I Pet. 4:8 Most important of all, continue to
    show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.
    I Cor. 13:5 Love….thinks no evil

App: picture of the relationship between Christ & The Church (bride)

Take Away:  How to avoid quarantine (being ashamed) aloneness

  1. Be perfect in a relationship
  2. Be in love (Agape) in a relationship
  3. The Agape Love in a relationship allows you to be imperfect but not fear you will be condemned or shamed.
  4. Live FREE – naked (exposed) & not ashamed (no fear of rejection)


Lessons from the Pandemic: Part 2


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Lesson 2: The Creation of Adam & Eve

Gen. 1:1; 26-31, Gen. 2:4-25

A. Introduction

To better understand the lessons from the original pandemic it is important to understand each part. Exactly how did God create (set up) the creation, man/woman, serpent, etc. Today we will focus on the creation of Adam & Eve.

B. The Who of creation (Creator)

Genesis 1 – God – El (power) ohim (plural Trinity)

Genesis 2 – Lord God – Yahweh – Jehovah – Redeemer

C. The Sequence of creation


Dust + Water = Clay

Clay + Hands of God = Formed man

Formed man + Breath of God = Man Alive

Man alive + woman = One (not ashamed)

Blessed Gen. 1:28

Abram’s blessing – Genesis 12:1-3

Blessing defined – Galatians 3: 13-14